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Meet Johann and Sanet Muller. 
With over 40 years in the hunting industry, you are sure to be in good hands and in for a very memorable time. 

We pride ourselves on having highly skilled rangers and professional hunters. Our staff will make your time here most memorable.

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“If you have ever been on a professionally guided hunt, you may have noticed that the guide, outfitter, or PH (Professional Hunter) seemed to try to lead you in certain aspects of the hunt, such as:

  • Too much time driving and too little stalking;

  • Too luxurious or too rough a type of accommodation; 

  • You wanted to camp in a tent for a few nights and he preferred to keep you in the lodge or vice versa;

  • Too little food, wrong food or didn't want to include your game meat on the menu;

  • Rushed you to shoot any random specimen rather than the right one for you!

  • Putting attention on the number of animals shot versus the quality of the hunt for each animal.  

  • Shooting from the truck or leaning on it (it is hard to call this hunting, but rather only shooting).

  • Pressuring you to take a shot YOU don't feel comfortable with. 

Any of the above may dampen or even ruin a hunt. 

Your hunting safari is for you. It is your experience. Yes, the PH is doing what he does for a living, and it may be natural for him to try to shape the hunt that best suits his time frame and pocketbook, but at Johann Muller Safaris, we understand that your hunting safari is an experience that belongs to you. Your time in the bush is yours - not ours.

I want you to have the exact experience that you envision, and will do everything in my power to make it happen. " 

Johann Muller

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I arrive ?

After arrival at Johannesburg International Airport and completion of all necessary documents at immigration, including a temporary license for your rifles, you will be met by one of Johann Muller Safaris' Professional Hunters. We will then drive you to a Guest House if it is late, or travel to the hunting area - time permitting. Rifles can be sighted in for hunting which will start the following day.

Food and Drinks ?

Everything is inclusive. All meals are supplied and our trained cooks will prepare delicious meals of game taken on the hunt, as well as regular beef, lamb, and chicken dishes. We supply all spring water, soft drinks, traditional South African wines, beers, and liquors.
​PLEASE notify us if you require a special diet so that arrangements can be made well ahead of time.

Climate and Clothing ?

The typical hunting season is from May to August, which are winter months where temperatures of 37F (3'C) are common in early mornings and evenings. Day temperatures vary between 80-95F (27-35'C).

You will need 3-4 sets of light, neutral-colored trousers, shirts, shorts, underwear, and socks.
Also required is a light cool sweater, warm hunting jacket, and 1 pair of well-worn-in hunting boots, as well as a pair of comfortable relaxing shoes/running shoes for after the hunt.

A lot of walking can be expected so it is advisable that the hunter is in a reasonable state of fitness. A hat or cap, as well as sunblock, must not be forgotten as the African sun can be unforgiving.

Other helpful items are – hunting knife, gloves, binoculars, sunglasses, flashlight, and camera

Tours and Excursions ?

Sightseeing and photographic safaris are undertaken throughout South Africa as well as in private and national reserves. We have registered tour guides who will accompany you throughout your stay.

We have many excursions that can be added to your stay.
Everything from but not limited to Rhino and Lion Park, Elephant Rides, Kruger National Park, Golfing, Fishing, Game Drives, Spas, etc. Please enquire about them

Medical needs?

Can I hunt with a Bow ?

We specialize in rifle, bow, and even pistol hunting. We have various concessions located specifically for these.

Please advise us if you have any medical conditions.
If on medication, ensure that you bring enough medication with you for the duration of the hunt.

Our PH's have first aid certificates, and vehicles have first aid kits. We also have a qualified EMT on our team for those dangerous hunts so you can be rested assured that everything will be done to ensure your safety.


Your laundry will be done on a daily basis or as required, to minimize the amount of clothing brought.

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Important Documentation

Please download the below documentation when booking your hunt with us

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