Johan Muller Safaris

General Information Continued

Typical hunting season is from May to August, which are winter months where temperatures of 37F (3C) are common in early mornings and evenings. Day temperatures vary between 80-95F (27-35C). You will need 3-4 sets of light, neutral-coloured trousers, shirts, shorts, underwear and socks. Also required is a light cool sweater, warm hunting jacket, and 1 pair of well-worn-in hunting boots, as well as a pair of comfortable relaxing shoes/running shoes for after the hunt. A lot of walking can be expected so it is advisable that the hunter is in a reasonable state of fitness. A hat or cap, as well as sunblock, must not be forgotten as the African sun can be unforgiving. Other helpful items are – hunting knife, gloves, binoculars, sunglasses, flashlight, and camera with a good supply of film.

Laundry is done on a daily basis or as required, to minimize amount of clothing brought.

PLEASE ADVISE US if you have a medical problem. If on medication, ensure that you bring enough medication with you for the duration of the hunt. Our PHs have first aid certificates, and vehicles have first aid kits, and everything will be done to ensure your safety.



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