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Kruger National Park: We bring you to the heartbeat of South Africa

Experience the Kruger

Lions are most commonly found in the grasslands where most impalas, zebras and wildebeest are found.

Those wishing to see leopards should look very carefully because they are shy animals and only hunt at night time with rare sights during the day.

The cheetah is easier to observe, but keep your eyes open... They are the fastest of all the land animals and can reach speeds of 75 km/h+. They do, however, compete for food with larger predators and prefer clear grasslands to run down their prey.

Elephants are found all over the Park and can sometimes be seen with big buffalo heards.

Crocodiles, Hippos and various antelope species (especially Impala) are in big numbers easily ranging easily up to 120 000+ per group.

TKudus, Zebras, Waterbuck, Wildebeests, Nyalas, Warthogs, Giraffes ,Sables, Reedbucks, Tsessebes, Elands, Hyenas, Wild Dogs etc. and extensive bird species are also found in the park.

The Kruger has a list of over 500 species found in the park and once we are there for our excursion all lists could be obtained from the gates. Most of these species are nowhere else found in South Africa.

Transport to and from locations will be provided by Johann Muller Safaris.
Food and beverages can be provided on request.
Our experienced guides will make sure that you get the most out of our time in South Africa
This experience could be customised and changesto accomodate your needs and requirements.


Accommodation and camps in the Park

There are over 23 private rest camps in the Kruger Park: ranging from luxurious bush and private camps.
Come join our tours and have the ultimate experience.

Activities in the Park

Here are just some of the activities available in the Park:
*Lonely Bull Back Packing Trail *Wilderness Trails *Sunset Drive
*Adventure Trails (4X4 Trails) *Mphongolo Back Packing Trail *Olifants River Back Packing Trail
*Malopeni Eco-Trail *Lebombo Overland Eco Trail *Great Limpopo Park Transfrontier Trails
*Guided Walks *Game Drives *Bush Braais *Mountain Bike *Golf
*and many more...

Do not hesitate to contact us for more details

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