Johan Muller Safaris

Elephant Back Riding

Why not spend a glorious day in the African sun riding these gentle giants?

What Awaits YOU

Johann Muller Safaris will expose you to a once in a lifetime safari experience with total satisfaction guaranteed
Following in the footsteps of the ancients, we'll be riding on elephant back viewing beautifull scenery, game and experiencing these majestic animals.
Get up close and personal with these animals and have the opportunity to feed, touch and even enjoy a sundowner or two after this outing

Transport to and from locations will be included in your traveling package.
Food and beverages will be provided
This experience could be changed to suit and accommodate your needs and requirements.
Additional iteneraries could be requested upon booking.

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What you will need to bring on the safari:

We advise you to have the following:
*A pair of sunglasses
*A hat
*Any long trousers suited for the adventure
*Outdoor/ closed shoes
*Something warm for the winter months (May-September)
*Rain gear if needed

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